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As a dietitian food is your passion, health is your mantra and wellness is your code. Welcome to Lackner McLennan insurance, a professional liability insurance provider that understand health and wellness. We believe you as a dietitian are doing a world of good, and need a professional liability insurance provider that compliments your excellence. You as a dietitian take a holistic approach to food, wouldn’t it be nice to work with an insurance company who took all your needs as a professional and incorporated it into an insurance policy. At Lackner McLennan we have taken this approach and transposed it onto you the dietitian. We offer a professional liability insurance certificate that is instant saving you time. As a dietitian you need coverage that is comprehensive, this professional liability insurance policy offers limited gaps in coverage. As a dietitian you expect results, don’t you want an insurance broker that you can call, be re-affirmed that your claim is going to be handled, and you weren’t miss represented.

With all these expectations we are please to extend Lackner McLennan’s regulated insurance professional program to dietitian. The coverage available to you protects you from claims stemming from your professional negligence. Professional Liability claims can happen from all sorts of random events and you need insurance to protect you from them. If one of your patients becomes ill from another unrelated event they may chose to sue you professionally guessing that it was your professional advice that made them ill. Another scenario that could cause you to draw on your professional liability insurance is if your client is already ill, seeks your advice as a Dietitian and does not get better. Both of these scenarios could lead you in legal professional liability hot water.

With this information Lackner McLennan Insurance realized the value of professorial liability for Dietitians, mostly as a clear progression from insuring so many nutritional consultants. However when we started speaking to the insurance companies about professional liability for Dietitians we realized there was potential for improvements. Our passion Health and Wellness really exemplified onto this project for procuring insurance for this amazing class of business. We have seen over the years, by talking to our thousands of nutritional consultants, the great benefits changing ones diet has their health. We have also seen claims from this class of business as well.

Lackner McLennan has great success working with your college of dietitians to make sure professional liability conforms to their guidelines. And we have selected an insurance company as your broker that not only is going to respond to a professional liability claim but is going to grow their offerings for you in the future. Both of these are paramount in covering you as a Dietitian from Professional Liability Lawsuits. By protecting over 20,000 other individuals in both non-regulated and regulated professions we have a great understanding of your needs as an individual. By providing services like, being available on the phone to answer questions and getting your professional liability insurance certificate to you right away. There are also value adds to your business, such as saving membership fee.
Lackner McLennan Insurance looks forward to protecting your business!


Saving membership fee’s really helps my business grows as a dietitian