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Feed Your Business the Proper Professional Dietitian Insurance

As a professional dietitian you are trained to provide expert advice and to guide your clients about food and nutrition. Your training is ongoing and demands you find and use the best evidence available to bolster your recommendations. Your job is to help your clients make positive, healthy choices about the food they eat. But, who is helping you make positive choices about how to insure your Dietitian practice?

What if a client experienced issues because of listening to your advice? Are you sure you have the best professional liability coverage to protect you and your business?

Get Dietitian Insurance That Fits Your Business

You offer a holistic approach to food, wouldn’t it be nice to work with an insurance company who took all your needs as a professional and incorporated it into one insurance policy?

As a dietitian you need insurance that is comprehensive, that provides professional liability insurance and closes gaps in your coverage. Through Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd. you can get your policy, protect your business, clients, and any employees you may have, all online in minutes. Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with an insurance brokerage that has over 30 years of experience insuring the complementary health industry.

Great Protection from Claims that Won’t Make You Feel Bloated

Being a dietitian does not mean you just deal with food. You’re running a business. You’re expected to adhere to the code of conduct of the college of dietitians. You’re expected to properly serve your clients and meet their needs. That is a lot for one person to manage. Let Lackner McLennan Insurance serve you and look after your dietitian insurance needs.

Don’t Have Professional Liability? Look Out!

Professional Liability claims can happen from all sorts of random events and you need insurance to protect you from them. If one of your patients becomes ill from another unrelated event they may choose to sue you professionally. Why? They may believe that it was your professional advice that made them ill.

Another scenario that could cause you to draw on your professional liability insurance is if your client is already ill, seeks your advice as a Dietitian and does not get better or their condition gets worse. Both of these scenarios could lead you in legal professional liability hot water.

Get Top Quality Coverage With Our Dietitian Insurance Program

Get a $5 Million professional liability policy instantly online through our exclusive dietitians’ insurance program. And best of all this coverage is college approved without the need to be a member of your association. Save on your membership fee.

Why Choose Lackner McLennan?

Lackner McLennan works directly the college of dietitians to make sure our professional liability policy conforms to its guidelines. As your broker our job is to find the insurance company that provides the best coverage for dietitian insurance at great value. We have selected an insurance company that not only is going to respond to a professional liability claim, but is going to grow their offerings for you in the future.

Having great coverage now while being able to adapt and offer more options in the future are both paramount in covering you as a Dietitian from Professional Liability Lawsuits. By protecting over 20,000 other individuals in both non-regulated and regulated professions we have a great understanding of your needs as an individual. By providing services such as being available on the phone to answer questions and getting your professional liability insurance certificate to you right away.

Lackner McLennan Insurance looks forward to protecting your business!


I really love the value of the higher professional liability limits